Monday, 20 October 2014

Help is available, if needed

Time, there is never enough time.

Owning any type of business website can be a challenge, technically and time wise. It seems that half the UK businesses don't even have a website according to a Lloyds Bank report. Is it apathy, lack of knowledge or just a lack of time? Only you know.

If one day you decide to make better use of a very important business resource, which can significantly boost your company accounts as a business asset. Who do you contact?

There are millions of companies all offering to help, with a range of services you may not even know about or understand. When you need a UK professional, who provides a dedicated service as a hobby, and money is not the main object of the service, you may have just found a winner.

Northampton Marketing serves the business sector in Northamptonshire, but is not limited geographically to this area. If in doubt, just contact them and see what they could offer, it does not cost anything, only a little of your time.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Are you responsive?

What does responsive mean?

For Webmasters and anybody caring for a website, this is possibly the greatest challenge for many years, and may mean a complete re-design of the existing website. In a nutshell it means the website must adapt to whatever product the visitor is using.

Google and Bing agree for once

The number of people accessing the Internet using mobile devices is growing rapidly and is considered to be between 50% to 60% and raising. So what should you do? Usually the first step is to research the subject find a range of options and then implement. To help with this decision an article called Responsive Websites is available and might help you understand what to do.

If your site is not responsive you may find that the search engines penalise your website for not adapting to the new standards.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Northampton Business Marketing

I have been very busy this last few months and have finally got round to creating a dedicated website which provides help and support for the busy business owner.

Customers always come first. So it has taken time and is not fully completed. A collection of articles is under development, the first has just been published. Twitter has been launched and a new Facebook pagewill be available shortly

The follow advertisement takes you to the site.

Northampton Marketing