Friday, 14 May 2010

Drachsi has started building a free website on BT Tradespace

Everybody knows that creating an Internet Brand takes time, effort and tenacity. I am kept very busy with maintaining other peoples Blogs, Websites and Internet Branding, so sometimes forget to do anything for myself.

If you are based in the UK, you should consider joining BTTradespace. My 3 sites are listed below.

Europe. A website for companies wishing to expand into Europe, using the Internet.

Squidoo. Early days, but will contain lots of information on building your free Squidoo Lenses

Drachsi. Links up with this and other Blogs, and has ideas and tips for Internet Branding for webmasters.

There are many resources which all help in creating a better Page Ranking, both webpage optimisation and inbound links are still the top methods needed to be list high in search results.

Just take time and effort, have fun


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Now Drachsi has joined Technorati

All Bloggers should join Technorati as this is one of the best methods to increase access to your Blog and make it more liking to be found in search results.


Global Internet Branding. A case history

Not many posts here, I have been very busy trying to help a UK company understand and use the Internet for company branding. It's hard word work, because they don't understand enough about viral marketing, building an Integrated Internet Infrastructure, no YouTube, Squidoo, and only got a Blog working last month.

As work progresses I will post some ideas and solutions to this Blog.