Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Why waste time with SEO when there is another way to boost sales

Lower your SEO priority

There are a lot of companies specialising in SEO services, it's big business. A lot of money can be spent over time to achieve a position in the top ten for a keyword. Which only lasts for a short while.

Yes, preparing each webpage to standards is important, but the end result that companies are looking for is increased sales. Paying for Adwords is also a method to appear at the top of search results, but can cost a lot of money if the only action is to click on a link, read and leave.

An Alternative way

An article on how to control and manage a dedicated sales network, at low cost is the subject of an article on the SEOclinic

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

SEOclinic provides a money back guarantee Web Audit

 Own a website? Start with a webcheck and then decide if you want to follow the recommendations yourself, or use the extensive web audit report to challenge your existing website support team. You don't have to understand html code to follow our advice.
SEOclinic provides a money back guarantee Website Audit

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Blog established

The new Blog from Drachsi has a range of ideas, comments and solutions. Today's post is suitable for people interested in flight information, airports and aircraft. Seems not very interesting, just visit and see the live Flight Information on the new Blog. Great for all type of business an d private individuals.

If you own a small business website and are thinking you need some support, then you could find all you need on the site.