Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Marketing a Start-up is difficult

I have just about completed the basic set up of the Mini Job Store website. This is based on the " I will for a fiver" principal. The original idea started in America and has proved very popular. It provides everybody the chance to offer to do work for a Fiver or more. There are now many other clones of the original site.

As a Virtual Webmaster, I am often asked to help with existing websites, this is ok, because there are other people involved. Building a new site alone, that is selling a product is easier than my website www.drachsi.com which sells a service. Starting the www.marketing-yourself.co.uk involved Keyword search, domain name search, registration, and finding a reliable hosting company.

Many companies use their existing trading name, sometimes this works fine, other times it means nothing to other people unless they are friends, family or if it is a bricks and mortar company, but only locals know of it. Finding the right keywords for your company's products, services is a vital first step. Registration is next, but many of the best names have long gone. You stand as better chance in the future, marketing of your website if your keywords are in the name. ie www.marketing-yourself.co.uk has my two keywords, somebody eles has the .com version which is considered the best.

More to follow in the next post.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Marketing a product is easier than a service

I have been spending time creating a product to sell as part of understanding the problems of being rated highly in Google and Bing. First is the time scale. seems like nothing under one month happens.

So now all the effort is to see if the ideas, solutions and suggestions which are part of the Virtual Webmaster Services really work. The site is for a mini job marketplace.